a secret world of strange and fast-moving creatures

The cryptids are out there. Are you chasing them?



Best Use of Narrative
Come Out and Play Festival 2009

Watch a cryptid chase!

Cryptids have been spotted everywhere from Seattle to Ithaca to Oslo... we hear cryptid teams are forming in London and Wellington...

Find cryptid trails near you! Search for local chases, and add new species to the CryptoZoo Map.


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THE CRYPTIDS ARE OUT THERE! New Evidence and Field Reports

Intrepid cryptozoographer Natalie Cartwright has collected astonishing evidence of cryptids in the wild. Her photographs, field notes and sketches are presented here for the first time anywhere in the world.



It's a secret world of strange, fast-moving creatures...

Your city is full of strange creatures, hiding in plain sight. But to catch a glimpse of them, you have to keep up...

Learn how to run with the most mysterious species on the planet: bounce like springboras, slalom like whip zananas, crouch-run like ninja rabbits, spin like swingdogs, jump like tiptrees, and swing like the summit monkeys.

You've never moved like this before. And once you've run with the cryptids, you'll never move the same way again.



First, you'll learn the CryptoZoo ropes. Join a pack of fellow cryptid chasers, and follow a set of strange animal tracks on a 10-minute whirlwind tour of the city streets. By the end of the chase, you'll have all the basic cryptid moves down.

Then, meet up with other packs and challenge each other to out-chase the cryptids. Pick your favorite running styles, and design your own fast and furious one-block races. Chasing the cryptids takes more than energy -- it takes strategy! Each block is a unique running environment: challenging for some species, a natural habitat for others. Which species will the other team have to chase? You get to choose! Once you've got a few chases under your belt, you're ready to become a cryptid spotter. Take a closer look in your everyday environment. What strange creatures might be all around you... and how do they run? Add your discovery to this network, complete with the rules for movement you've spotted and a demo video to show us how it's done. Anyone can run with the cryptids. You don't have to be athletic, or coordinated. But you do need to be adventurous... and willing to sweat. Because you're about to move faster -- and weirder -- than you thought possible. Once you've caught sight of the cryptids, you won't be able to help yourself. There's just something about those mysterious cryptids... they unlock the creature in all of us.

About CryptoZoo

Pssst... the really cool kids say crypto ZOH-oh.

WHO: Meet the creative team, and find out why we're chasing cryptids.

HOW: Discover the 5 ways to play...

WHERE:You can chase on your own, wherever you live. Just search the evidence, read the field reports, and add your trails to the map


Lead CryptoZoo Team

Jane McGonigal,

is the creator of the CryptoZoo network, and lead researcher of the Cryptid 13.

Natalie Cartwright,

Natalie is the official photographer and creature artist for the CryptoZoo project.

Kiyash Monsef,

Kiyash is the producer and director of the CryptoZoo documentary.

Chelsea Howe, Free Range Cryptid Scout
Chelsea is leading up international efforts to discover and document new cryptid species.

Kristi Miller Durazo,

is a cryptozoologist and avid crptid chaser from the American Heart Association. Often seen in the company of NinjaRabbit.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

CryptoZoo is a non-commercial, indie game created by Jane McGonigal for the American Heart Association. The game is part of an AHA initiative in collaboration with the Institute for the Future.

Organize your own cryptid chase!

Get all the supplies you need to run your own CryptoZoo chase, from evidence cards to achievement badges.


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